How to clean tile floors

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How to clean tile floors



A tile flooring is always a perfect choice. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen or other surfaces which get wet from time to time, tile floor can make a difference. They bring elegance and enhance the splendour of your home, but most importantly, if maintained properly, they can last a lifetime. Even though tile floors have a quality of being very low maintenance, there are some steps you should take to make sure they are in optimal condition.

  1. Don’t let spills and dirt get comfortable on your floor

If you have pets or children, you know how often spilling accidents  happen. Before banning everyone besides you from touching the floor, you can just clean the spill as promptly as possible. The longer it stays on the floor, the more it gets soaked into the grout. Dried juice or other sugary liquids get sticky and they are quite annoying to clean.

  1. Mop, sweep and vacuum regularly

Regular maintenance is also very important. A quick sweep or a vacuum clean every day is necessary to remove all the dirt and debris before it gets soaked into the grout. Mopping only with clean, warm water, can to miracles to your tile floor’s shine and gloss

  1. Vinegar is your friend

Mix equal parts of hot water and regular white vinegar in a bucket. Mop the floor with a mixture and pay special attention to the grout. Vinegar removes odor from your floor and enhance its shine and color.

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