Removing unpleasant smell from a new carpet

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Removing unpleasant smell from a new carpet

The unpleasant smell of a new carpet can be almost unbearable. If the composition of the carpet is synthetic, things can only get worse. The strong odor of plastic and adhesives used to secure the carpet into position can even lead to some allergic reactions. Fortunately, the task of reducing the smell of new carpets is quite a simple one. If you don’t know anything about carpet, Carpet Cleaning can help you with your problem. Just continue reading and we will show you how to remove that annoying smell from your carpets.

  1. Ventilate

Make sure to all doors and windows in the room with a new carpet. The flow of fresh air will do its job. The trapped odor can now easily escape the room.

  1. Baking soda

As you probably know baking soda is your best friend in cleaning your home. You can also use it to remove odor from your carpet. Just sprinkle it over the carpet and it should absorb the odor.Let it remain in the place over night and just vacuum it in the morning.

  1. Vinegar

Your second best friend is of course vinegar. Mix one part of regular white vinegar with two parts of clean warm water.  Put the solution in the reservoir of the carpet cleaning steam system. Simply run the cleaner over the surface of the carpet.

  1. Onions

If nothing else works you can slice onions in halves and put the in bowls with a small amount of water. Leave the bowls around the room overnight. The odor should be gone in the morning.

  1. Apples

You can repeat the onion process with apples. Just slice them in halves, put the halves in bowls with water, and place the bowls around the room. That should remove the smell.

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