Rug Cleaning

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Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a significant investment for your home décor. If you want to preserve your investment, proper maintenance of your rugs is, of course, essential.  But what do you actually know about rug care? You probably know that vacuuming, dust removal and treatment of stains and spills are crucial parts of it, but did you know they are not even closely enough. You would be surprised to know how much dirt a regular vacuuming misses. Stains and dust removal are good everyday care and they are just as important as anything else, but that only treats the surface. All unwanted microscopic creatures, like bacteria and microbes, are hidden deep inside your rug. Not to mention, that awful smell you noticed coming out of your carpet. It won’t go away but itself, will it? Seems like there isn’t much you can do without professional help and that’s mostly true. Fortunately, we have some tips and you can consider them to be rug cleaning first aid.

  1. Vacuum regularly

Although vacuuming doesn’t do much without deep cleaning, it is quite important. Make sure to once a month flip your carpet upside down. By vacuuming the back side of your carpet you can partly remove dust and dirt settled in deeper layers of your carpet.

  1. Remove pet hair

Regular vacuuming will almost always leave pet hair behind. You can use a stiff brush to remove it.

  1. Rug rotation

Some parts of your rug can experience higher traffic. Sun can also put an extra stress on it. To even out the wear, make sure to flip your rugs one in a few months

  1. Shake it

If your rug is smaller in size, you can take it outside for a proper cleaning. Depending on a size you can shake it or beat it to remove more dust and dirt from it.

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