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Most common mistakes made during vacuum cleaning


Although it might seem like a very simple thing, maintaining your carpet is a very tricky job. Your carpets definitely require special everyday care and when it comes to cleaning chances are there is a lot you have to learn. The general formula is simple: Vacuum daily! Yes, daily. It helps you remove all the dirt and debris before it sinks deep into the carpet. Thanks to God, vacuum cleaning isn’t a rocket science, and it seems like there isn’t much you can do wrong. After all, vacuum cleaners are designed to do everything themselves. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. Here are most common vacuum cleaning mistakes to avoid. Carpet Cleaning is here to help you save time and energy.

  1. Waiting too long to empty the bag

This is one of the most common mistakes. Vacuum cleaners with bags work best when the bag is half full. Once the bag is more than halfway full, the vacuum cleaner loses its efficiency. Make sure to empty the bag before each cleaning, just in case.

  1. Using the same bag more than once

Reusing an old bag decreases your vacuum cleaner’s efficiency. Reused bags can cut efficiency by 50%.

  1. Vacuuming too quickly

Take your time, don’t rush. Although vacuuming is quite simple, it takes some time. Your need to allow the vacuum cleaner to suck up more dirt and dust. You’ll see how slow vacuuming turns out to be much more efficient.

  1. Cleaning with a dirty filter

The filter in your vacuum cleaner requires special maintenance. Nothing can work properly if the filter is clogged with grime. You don’t have to change your filter very often, but if you notice that it is very dirty or torn, it might be the time for a replacement. A new filter every six months is good enough.

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